New Doctor, New Start, New Eating/Exercise Plan

I went to meet my new doctor today. I really liked him a lot. He is ok with me using diet and exercise to control my diabetes as long as we get results. He is impressed with where I am now…in relation to where I was when I was diagnosed. He did make a few suggestions.

  1. He wants me to up my exercise plan from 3-4 times a week…to 5 or 6.
  2. He wants to add a couple of medicines to my regimen that are known to help diabetics. Since I want to get OFF meds…we compromised. I would try the two  low dose meds (one for blood pressure and one for cholesterol) for 2 weeks before I go back to see him. We took a full panel of blood/urine tests today and that will be my new baseline. I go back in 6 weeks to see how things are.
  3. I will keep a log of my daily blood sugar for him…but he thinks that I can start checking it once a day, instead of the 8 times a day that I do it now. He also called me in a new glucometer.
  4. He wants me to try to take off another 40 lbs. (my own personal goal is 81 lbs, but he thinks that if I can drop another 40, I can possibly get off the Metformin…or at least cut down the dosage…so I will take that!) I have always just done low carb…but am moving toward more of a Keto diet. Low Carb, High fat, Moderate protein. It seems to work well for me and (when I stick to it) the weight comes off really easily.
  5. He doesn’t care what diet plan I use, so long as my A1C is a 7 or better…but my goal is to keep it below 6.


We have a bunch of friends coming over tomorrow for a cookout and then going to karaoke…so I will start fresh on Sunday. New food log, new blood sugar log, fresh start all around.  I also plan to start writing here more…just to help keep me on track!

My next new keto recipe that I plan to try? Scalloped Daikons! YUM! I will take pictures and let you all know how they turn out!

Quiet Friday morning….

I have no kiddos today so I slept in a bit. I woke up famished and checked my blood sugar. 108. I am ok with that. I needed to take my medicine and have to eat with it, so I opened the fridge to see what sounded good.

I stood there for several minutes…trying to make heads or tails out of all the leftovers and crap that stared back at me. I finally pulled out some bacon and got it started in the pan and made a “deal” with myself. I told myself that I would clean just one shelf in the door while I waited and that would make me feel better. So I pulled everything out of the shelf…sat it on the freezer and wiped down the door and bleached the shelf. Then I put everything (salvageable) back in the door. The bacon wasn’t quite done, so I did the same thing for the top shelf of the inside. Then I moved on to the second shelf. About this time, the bacon got finished and I stopped and fixed myself a bacon/cream cheese wrap on a low carb tortilla.

For me, cooking is WAY easier if I am organized….and lately, I haven’t been. I had all sorts of piles of stuff in the fridge that I had no idea what it was. I had leftover containers with stuff I didn’t remember cooking in this century. I had two cucumbers (I think!) that had turned into some sort of green ooze. And I have a problem with the freezer leaking into the fridge onto stuff…and then refreezing. So…first things first.

*Git rid of the science projects, stuff I simply don’t remember…and anything that I shouldn’t be eating/serving to my family anyway.

*Make a plan for the things remaining.

Friday- Lunch~Sausage patty, celery with cream cheese and the last few radishes.

Dinner~Carbonara with shredded cabbage instead of pasta, peas and garlic bread (for everyone else)

Saturday- Breakfast~Cream Cheese waffles (for me) regular waffles for everyone else

Lunch~Sandwiches, last half bag of chips in the house (for them…not me)

Dinner~Low Carb Broccoli Cheese Soup with ham chunks.


I am trying to use up all the stuff that is in the fridge before making a new plan. Hopefully, this weekend will help me do that!


Oh….and I weighed this morning. 242! The past two days have not been easy…but they have gotten some results, even if most of it is only water weight…or the fact that I have been having serious tummy issues with my medication. Still….5 lbs is 5 lbs and I will take it!

Getting back on the horse….

In August, our whole family worked on a show. Then in September and October of 2015, I worked on a haunted attraction and sort of fell off the “good eating” horse. Then… came November and December and I was super busy getting baskets done for the holidays. During that time, I regained 10 lbs and my A1C went from 5.9 to 6.4. I was mortified and embarrassed and I started secretly eating stuff I KNEW I shouldn’t. If my blood sugar was in a good range, I justified having a piece of candy. If it was REALLY in a good range…I would drink a coke. Thing is….I didn’t really start having cravings for sugar until I started EATING sugar.

Yesterday, I started writing down everything again. I weighed in the morning. 247. Not something I am proud of. A year ago….SURE, I would have been thrilled with that weight…and I WAS. Until I got down to 235! So I have to RE-lose 13 lbs now….PLUS start getting the rest of the weight off! I still had 75 lbs to go to be at my “goal” weight before…so now it is closer to 90. Again…not something I am proud of, but I would be much LESS proud if I chose to do nothing.

So. Here I am again. Starting over. Ashamed and humbled…and putting it out here so that I feel accountable and will try harder!

When I woke up, my glucose was 117. By the time I fixed breakfast, it was 107.

Yesterday, I had bacon and eggs for breakfast with 2 large glasses of ice water.

For lunch (glucose 91), I had a cabbage salad (12 carbs) plus 2 large glasses of water.

For dinner, (glucose 101) I fixed a ham and had the other half of my salad (12 carbs) and some green beans (4 carbs). I drank another 2 glasses of water.

My glucose 2 hours after dinner was 122. I was actually disappointed. I had hoped to have NO readings over 120….but I told myself that even GOOD carbs will raise my blood sugar some. I drank another glass of water.

This morning, my glucose was 107. That was much better! I fixed some leftover ham, scrambled a couple of eggs and had some radishes (2 carbs). It wasn’t fancy…but I am planning on holding myself to eating right…even though I am in a show right now! Tonight, we will have Carbonara made with shredded cabbage instead of pasta. I plan to have it ready to eat by 5, so that I am not rushed. (honestly…carbonara NEVER takes much time!) I will probably eat the leftover green beans with that.

Tomorrow, I have no kids and a whole day to clean out the fridge and make a few meals up for the following week. I have chicken in the freezer that will become a white chili…and some onion chicken.  I have stocked up on nuts so that I will not be looking for chips.

I kind of feel like what I imagine an alcoholic feels like when they have to stand up in front of a bunch of people and say….Hi. My name is Renee’ and it has been 2 days since I had my last plate of sugar.

Well…one day at a time.